Contrast: A Powerful Tool For Your Transformation

It can be a natural response to first view illness, hardship, divorce, fading friendships, closing a business and other challenges as personal failure. Or to feel as though life has something against you. But have you ever considered contrast as a powerful tool for your own transformation?

I’m here to inspire you to think differently about Contrast.

Darkness cannot stifle light. Light ALWAYS prevails. And when we are in the thick of it - feeling as though we are breaking open as things begin to veer off track - we tend to forget that we are being gifted this time to surrender and turn inward. A time to slow the momentum of unwanted and self-inquire into what is active within you. To discern what no longer serves and reflect on the potential outcomes that are hiding in the rubble. A time to come back to your truth. What your life really means to you.

When things are off balance, the Universe has an uncanny way to evoke chaos in order to bring all back into harmony. And that is...

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