Embracing Transformation

In 2016, Olivia Light experienced an unexpected Awakening.

Shortly after her 40th birthday, she grappled with debilitating migraines and vision issues. The onset was sudden, and Olivia – while balancing motherhood with the organic skincare company she had founded – feared she had a brain tumour.

The medical tests were clear. But shortly thereafter, Olivia awoke to a warm, potent feeling of energy pouring through her head and hands.

Though the experience was unsettling at the time, it introduced Olivia to Divine Light Energy. It led to her own personal healing and transformed her life exponentially.

Exploring New Priorities

Before her awakening, Olivia lived happily running her skincare brand, working as a freelance natural beauty writer and raising her three lovely daughters in the coastal town of Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Her life was ordinary. It seemed full.
Yet something had shifted.

Olivia gradually came to terms with her transformation. Within a few months, Olivia had a fully-booked practice of clients from all over the world. Word spread quickly, and treating professionals – doctors, psychologists and many others - began to refer their patients to her.

Higher Power and Purpose

Since her unexpected awakening five years ago, Olivia Light has helped thousands of clients transform the quality and trajectory of their lives. 

As an international healer, energetics mentor and spiritual Guide, Olivia is passionately focused on providing a stable foundation and high-level guidance to activate lasting transformation.

Whether you are seeking personal improvement or ready to serve your divine path and purpose, you have been perfectly guided here. It is time to reconnect and bring forth ALL of who you are so that you may begin.


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