Energy Healing

If you are ready to move forward and truly heal from your past, or are seeking to up-level and move into a higher state of alignment, know that you have arrived here perfectly. Olivia works specifically with the energy essence of people, land and business to activate your highest purpose and well-being.

In the early stages of my spiritual awakening, I felt alone, as though I was tumbling in a wild sea. I just wanted to feel better and find my version of home.

I’ve been exactly where you are - feeling overwhelmed and searching for answers. I felt I had tried everything and was exhausted. I had wished for a human Guide who could understand what I was going through and who could help me navigate my path.

Know that we have crossed paths for higher reasons. Your prayers have been heard and your heart’s wishes held.

Remember that you are the miracle, arriving into the physical from pure light. Coming forth to experience all that is well and wonderful in this life.

- Olivia Light

What People are Saying



Working with your energy field, essence and Guidance to activate your highest potential and wellbeing


Working with the energy essence of your land and/or home to achieve harmony, health and happiness.


Working with Guidance and the energy essence of your purpose for clarity, divine insights and higher solutions.

Personal Healing

Receive healing in the highest with this powerful light frequency session. Olivia works within the subtle energy field, and in co-care with Guidance to facilitate your healing. Along with the energetic adjustments, information specific to you is received and curated into a prescription of actionable steps and practices to fortify your transformational journey. This offering also provides 2 months post-session support.


  • Lifetime access to our digital Client Care Suite - contains session resources and energy care practices.
  • 1 x distance energy healing session
  • An audio recording of your session findings.
  • A simple, actionable energy plan for you to follow.
  • A 30 minute follow up zoom call within 10 days of your healing.
  • 2 months FREE access to Communion - our online soul expansion community. Includes live calls, group mentoring and a host of online workshops and trainings to support your path. Explore Communion here

Price: $1500


You are looking to stabilise your vital energies, deepen your spiritual connection and bring ease to your mind, heart and body. If you are ready to receive divine activation and are committed to the next stage of your journey.

Home + Land Healing

Meet the energy essence of the land where you live, activate your custodial partnership and learn how you can engage this wise and ancient energy to thrive in all areas of your life.

Olivia works specifically with the energetic custodians of the land to discover what is needed to achieve harmony and happiness.

Receive a prescribed plan to cultivate a harmonious and supportive relationship with your home and the land.

If this session is in preparation to sell or rent your property, the energy essence of the land will assist in providing your next best steps in order to achieve your goals.


  • A written report of your session findings within 5 business days.
  • A simple, instructional plan for you to implement after this session.
  • A complimentary 30 minute follow up call within 10 days of this session.

Price: $1250


You are looking to rent or sell your property. If you are experiencing disharmony, issues with or within your home or wish to purify the energy and establish your sacred relationship with the essence of the land where you live. Applies to rental or ownership.

Soul Essence Session

We'll spend 90 minutes together with Guidance, in a deep dive conversation to connect with the soul essence of your business.

This session is recorded for your records, and any follow up materials or resources will be advised as necessary.


  • A 1:1 Zoom session (90 mins)
  • An audio recording of your session.
  • A simple, actionable energy plan for you to follow.
  • A complimentary follow up email within 10 days of your session.

Price: $990


You are seeking deeper clarity and Guidance to bring your gifts and purpose into being. We work directly with the soul essence of your purpose to give you a clear plan and path to keep you moving forward.

Olivia is devoted to working with her clients to achieve swift and lasting transformation. Whether you are wishing to learn tools and practices to bring more ease, joy, and well-being to your life, or engage a high level of support and guidance for your spiritual journey, Olivia's tailored offerings provide the perfect path to meet you exactly where you are.

In the past four years, Olivia has worked with over 5000 clients internationally through her sessions, online courses, and private mentoring programs.

Whether you are still gently unfolding or bursting to share your light with the world, we are here for you.

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