When You Are Breaking Open...

We are currently experiencing a very potent time in our human history - being called to open even more and to shed the outdated information that we have carried here from all life experiences. This is a time for us to start making the descent down deeper into our heart and reconnect with our truth.

Sometimes this can feel a little chaotic and at times, scary. With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, or even powerless to some degree.

It is time to heal.

If you are having tough days, feeling confused, scared, lost or just unsure about things that you are experiencing, know that you are not alone. And I want to let you know that it's okay. You are safe and there is always a way through anything that you're going through.

Know that we are pioneering new territory within ourselves and the world right now.

Over the past few years, I have worked with countless clients who were suffering relentless guilt. Most were anxious that opportunities...

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5 Steps to Activate Your Heart

harmony heart heart-led Aug 07, 2020

We can tend to live more in our minds when stress is present. Trying to problem solve by replaying events over, or strategising our next move - but this only disconnects us from our Truth and prevents us from viewing life through the lense of our heart.


When we are able to activate and embody our whole heart power, we live our highest potential and create a pure and neutral state to foster harmony and balance, as well as increase our ability to allow and trust the unfolding of our divine plan.


The following processes will bring you back into your power and literally uplift and activate your heart:

1. Focus on what you love most in the world, unconditionally. Your favourite ice cream, a loved one or pet.

2. Consider only the best qualities of a person, and if you find it tough, stay general to soften any agitation, anger or blame - such as 'they are doing the best they can'.

3. Do something that brings you joy, that replenishes you and makes you smile.

4. Be kind to...

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Why Cultivate Wholeness?

When cultivating wholeness, the focus is to harmonise the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Being.

Soon after my Awakening in 2017, I quickly came to understand the principle of Wholeness as an energetic and symbiotic potential that nurtures all states of living and Being inclusively.

In this article, I have chosen to illuminate Wholeness as an integral part of well-being. When we can develop an awareness of Self as well as the world around us, we achieve balance and are able to influence our own highest potential on all levels.

Wholeness is an integration of our higher aspects, perspective and our truth. An embodiment of consciousness, which sees all sides of a matter from a place of neutrality, and gently invites us to take responsibility of our inner programming. Wholeness activates our ability to change our forward momentum by exploring the motivation behind every choice we make and the behaviours we default to at partiucular times.

When tethered to...

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