Introducing Our New Client Care Suite

divine support healing Aug 06, 2020

In response to COVID and the disruption of life as we know it, I was gifted the opportunity to re-evaluate the growing needs of my client and the greater desire to serve more deeply and create more consistent support.

Making the decision to close my in-person practice for the time being was tough. Since 2017 I have worked with over 3000 clients between my practices in Byron Bay and Melbourne, and so choosing safety over face to face connection weighed deeply on my heart.

From this process, I was able to gain even deeper clarity and insight into my own 'where to next'. I knew for certain that increasing my reach and capacity to serve more deeply was necessary. And so, I attuned to Highest Guidance and together we crafted a greater plan and vision for HWO.

I am so very excited share the new HWO website with you, and to now offer a range of empowering resources to meet you no matter where you are in your journey.

For 1:1 clients, this innovative Client Care Suite provides everything...

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