When You Are Breaking Open...

We are currently experiencing a very potent time in our human history - being called to open even more and to shed the outdated information that we have carried here from all life experiences. This is a time for us to start making the descent down deeper into our heart and reconnect with our truth.

Sometimes this can feel a little chaotic and at times, scary. With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, or even powerless to some degree.

It is time to heal.

If you are having tough days, feeling confused, scared, lost or just unsure about things that you are experiencing, know that you are not alone. And I want to let you know that it's okay. You are safe and there is always a way through anything that you're going through.

Know that we are pioneering new territory within ourselves and the world right now.

Over the past few years, I have worked with countless clients who were suffering relentless guilt. Most were anxious that opportunities had passed them by; worrying that wrong turns had been taken or that they must be experiencing a consequence of karma. They were exhausted from endlessly searching for ways to feel better. And feeling very alone and defeated in the process.

Humans are well versed to place pressure on ourselves when we experience difficulty. Thinking that we should have worked it out or ‘be over it’ by now. Or we become paralysed by the fear, pain or shame of perceived failure. We jostle between our head and our heart, replaying old stories and running programming that is neither true or relevant. So we can’t effectively process what surfaces to clear because we are disconnected from the higher intelligence and guidance that is available to us.


I want you to know, today - right now in this moment, you are worthy of every aspect of health and well-being. Of joy and happiness. And of the most perfect version of unconditional love and freedom from all things that don't lift your heart.

There is no wrong way, and there is no expiry or time limit when healing. I promise you won’t be stuck in this forever, but you will expand and begin to embody who you truly are as you navigate your way. The energy that holds you - that beats your heart and grows your hair and fingernails, that keeps you alive and keeps you well - is always flowing through you and to you. It is only the level in which you remain open to receive the full extent of this support that determines the ease of your experience.

Don't ever feel that you are falling behind. We are always processing and expanding. Awakening a little more in every moment, every day. We never get it done. But I can assure you that you are not alone in this.  Whether you are still in your very early stages of breaking open and wanting that support and not knowing where to turn; or you are unfolding and ready to take flight (or somewhere in between) know that it is not all on you. Almost always, there is an underlying energetic circumstance that is contributing to your experience. And you have the power to master every area of your life from your unique energetic perspective.

There is nothing that you have to do today, there's nothing that you have to do ever until that you're ready; that's the most important thing to find peace with. There are resources available to you in every moment by creating the space and empowering yourself with small practices to do so. Go gently, and go by feel. Allow yourself to go where feels easy next.

Stay in the knowing that the nature of energy is movement. Even when you think you have things worked out it will shift from you again, calling you towards a deeper level of understanding and a higher way of living and Being. This is what creates the texture and richness of your life.


Expand your capacity to bring that light and to bring that love into your life more wholly and radiantly.

Perhaps you feel the heaviness of things stirring and your body doesn't feel great, or there are experiences that you can't yet find answers for. Maybe you feel triggered during the current times we are living in. Know that it's all part of the process of Becoming. And when you can shift from that place of pain or trauma, you empower yourself to respond more consciously from a place of neutrality. By coming back into your heart to stabilise and regulate, you will reunite with what feels true for you and your next best steps will become apparent.

The matters that surface are just the catalyst for the improvement that we wish to actualise. And whether that's something you are manifesting for yourself or on that grander scale, such as our global situation that we face right now, everything that no longer serves is being dismantled. We've got to all dive together. It's all about celebrating our differences as well as our Oneness. Doing what brings ease, softening, going gently and knowing that it is not all up to you. You are not alone in this journey.

And this is the breaking open for that light to come and for the new ways that we want things to be; it's all here for us. You may not be meditating every day, you may not be doing all the things you feel you should be doing. And it doesn't matter. Taking a nice gentle breath is enough. So, if you're feeling some pressure, you feel stuck, or completely raw and vulnerable right now - make a soothing cup of tea, pop your favourite music on and allow yourself to soften now. Help is always here.


Find love and compassion for yourself in this moment.
 You are known and you are loved. There is no wrong way from here.

Olivia x


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