5 Steps to Neutralise Overwhelm

In 2020 the world came to a global standstill with COVID-19. Adding additional challenges to our every day lives; from the way we live, work, socialise, travel and even the way in which we perceive the world for the future has all dramatically changed. The behaviours we have adapted to connect, show love and to survive becoming threats themselves.

It is a natural response to feel disheartened, fearful and confused about the future, both as a wider community and within ourselves. The growing or weary frustration as our freedoms are challenged by a powerful and devastating Unseen seems to have fueled the wrangling with what daily life is supposed to look like now. Overwhelm has become a more potent guest in our lives - and it is important to remember that no matter what the trigger, or how inescapable things feel, overwhelm is not insurmountable.

For those who are feeling alone, isolated and struggling within your world right now, you are seen and acknowledged.


I have also not been immune to the sudden and drastic changes evoked by COVID-19. And ever since the onset, I have been called to respond from a place of solution rather than problem. And it is with the highest of intention that I wish to contribute to the positive new world that we are crafting and weaving together.

When we experience overwhelm, we lose up to 50% of IQ within the first seven minutes...

Yes, you have read correctly.

Overwhelm is a combination of over stimulation, energetic imbalance, emotional destabilisation and unrest. And it is in this state we lose access to broader, more intuitive information. So the goal is to learn to regain higher access to available information by stimulating consciousness to increase our resilience and connection. As this process transmutes overwhelm into a higher bandwidth of perspective and freedom.

On a cellular level, cells can only respond to and evolve to the environment that they are in. Consider a story or memory that tends to play in your mind on repeat. Or a behaviour that you have tried to modify unsuccessfully. We need to change our environment for things to change, and this principle invites an opportunity for us to re-programme on a deeper level for successful transformation.

Stress and overwhelm can be regulated with the right tools, and when you learn to integrate more fully with yourself, you achieve Expansion on all levels - mind, heart, body and Soul. You reclaim your personal power and find new and fruitful ways to create the life you truly want to live and become the person you truly want to be.


5 tasks to do when experiencing Overwhelm:

1. The Breath

Breath work is a powerful tool that has been utilised for centuries, and still plays a significant role in healing and well-being in our modern world today. Conscious breath re-sets the autonomic nervous system and settles the fight or flight response; increases oxygen supply and blood flow; and creates space for calm connection.

Take some time each day to find a quiet place to sit and not be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax your body. Start by taking a nice deep gentle breath in through your nose, filling your belly, and then exhale out through your mouth. Repeat 5 times.

This practice can be done literally anywhere - at work, in the car, in your walk-in closet or pantry. When you feel overwhelm creeping in, this is a great first practice to begin regulating your emotions.


2. Find Stable Ground

In times of overwhelm, we can feel extremely sensitive and emotional. The urge to curl up and hide from matters that are contributing to the feeling that life is too much can override our sense of security and ability to perform even the simplest of tasks. Stabilising your physical, emotional and mental frequencies by eliminating triggers and replacing with supportive and nurturing structures and practices is the next important step in overcoming overwhelm.

Reduce noise or clutter, decline invites and lessen your obligations down to what is most necessary. Delegate tasks to loved ones and allocate time to take a nice bath, rest and listen to your favourite music or meditate. Remember, you must fill yourself first and cannot run on an empty tank.


3. Return To Your Truth

Without realising it, overwhelm activates thoughts and beliefs that we have collected and absorbed throughout our lives, some of which do not serves us, and that are not especially true. Coming back to what you know and feel to be to be true for you is a powerful tool to improve clarity and connect back to the heart.

In times of stress, the ego can leap in and rather than help can instead hinder. So having a few positive thoughts on hand to bring your focus to, and that are a definite truth for you is an important tool in self-empowerment and overwhelm.


4. Move Your Body

When feeling overwhelmed, our energy can become low, erratic and our motivations can slide to desperate places. However when the nature of energy is movement, and we become paralysed or debilitated by overwhelm, we can become blocked as energetic data is prevented from flowing. This imapcts specific areas of the body that relate to particular beliefs and life experiences. So moving our physical body to kick start the circulation and flow of energy is a wonderful way to clear and shift energy.

5. Activate Your Heart

We can tend to live more in our minds when stress is present. Trying to problem solve, replaying events over in our mind, obsessing over our next move - only disconnects us from our heart-brain, and prevents us from accessing the full connection to our intuition, wisdom and emotional intelligence.

The mind tends to focus only on what we deem as important, so if you have been telling negative stories and running mind programmes that no longer serve you, that is what will default. When bringing focus back into the heart, and taking some time to stabilise through the breath, we create a neutral zone to be able to disarm any fight or flight responses and get to the heart of the matter by seeing both sides and finding trust.

Strengthening your ability to find positive aspects and joy in simple pleasures is a perfect place to start. This activates your heart and generates a higher energy frequency to literally 'lift you up' and re-ignite ease, hope and happiness in your life.

This is then the perfect environment to create and foster calm, clear thoughts and decisions to keep you moving forward.


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