How To Create A Pure, High Vibrational Practice

This is one of the most popular questions I am asked by those who are embarking upon their spiritual journeys. Once you find your version of practice that you feel happy, safe and that inspires you to return to each day, you will be well on your way!

Here are my top principles that I formulated during my own Unfolding. Once you become familiar with them, make sure to tweak them so that you feel they are yours and feel right for you.

1. Choose A Well Lit Spot

When first finding your feet, working with your energetic aspects can be a little daunting, so it is important to master the basics so that you can relax and allow the process.

Lighting is a big one, as trying to tune in late at night or in the dark can feel a little intimidating, and can elevate feelings a little unsure. And when meditation can last a while, being in outdoor sunlight may not be best as you don't want to get sunburned.

When choosing natural light, not only are each of the senses honed and heightened, our connection to Highest Guidance is heightened by streams of natural light to assist transmission visually and telepathically.

2. Adequate Time

Devoting time each day for shorter, more frequent tune-ins are more easily achievable and there really is no need to sit for hours each day.

The key is to keep your practice consistent to maintain your momentum. You also don't want to feel rushed, or restrained by lack of time. I recommend a minimum of 20 minutes; as sometimes it can take this long for things to unfold and really begin. Relaxing and allowing your mind to open and to quieten is the surest way to open the channel for you to connect to Highest Guidance.

3. Affirmations

Setting clear intentions and boundaries by verbally announcing them sets up your practice, and invites Highest Guidance to assist you with your intentions. I have specific affirmations for certain aspects of my practice both personally and professionally. For those who are new to practice and are exploring and connecting to energy, affirmations are a sure way to connect and ensure pure, high-frequency experiences are facilitated by activating and engaging on a cellular level.

4. Water

Is the largest carrier of energy and distributor of information throughout the body. Drinking a glass of water prior to beginning your practice not only hydrates the cells, it also magnifies and strengthens the channels of communication with Highest Guidance.

5. Crystals

Can play an important part when first starting out, enabling your unfolding. For me, I knew nothing about crystals when my own Awakening began, although I noticed I was naturally drawn to certain ones.

Here are my recommendations:

- Lapis Lazuli: assists in third eye activation and opening;

- Rose Quartz: place on Heart Space to generate connection to Highest Guidance and elevate the frequency of Love;

- Selenite: allows only transmissions from your Highest Guidance;

- Clear Quartz: an activator and space-holder for other crystals, as well as energetic experiences. For instance, placing clear quartz at the bottom of your feet during times of energy upgrades assists in the receiving in, stabilising and absorption of the incoming energy into the cellular field and physical body, and

- Amythest: invites more of a conversational transmission; being shown information rather than going into a deeper zone and perhaps drifting off. Although this is ok too!

6. Clear Your Space

It is important that you choose a space to practice in that is both pure and of high vibration. Whether it be a teeny space by the window sill with your little box of treasures; a cosy chair by a window or an entire room, you need to be able to manage and clear the energy in your sacred space to keep things pure and of a high frequency.

Every client that has arrived to my treatment room, for example, comments on how they feel the energy shift and lighten as they walk in; how safe they feel and some even say,
"I feel like I've walked up the stairs and arrived in heaven!"

Not only are physical and visual aspects important, such as my rooms are fairly minimal, white/light and contain only a few key pieces. This ensures that with the number of people that I see, and the energy that is shifted and cleared, I am able to cleanse the space efficiently in between sessions.

It is important to devote a space that is a peaceful, private, relaxed zone that you feel totally at ease in.

Some specific tools I use to clear the spaces I frequent:

- Palo Santo: cleanses the energy and raises the vibrational energy of a space or energy field;

- Rosemary: acts as a psychic protector from untoward energy;
- Cinnamon: Burn a quill and smudge to fill a freshly cleansed space with pure, positive energy.

7. Comfort

Choose a cosy blanket, a favourite chair, yoga mat or soft pillow. Being both warm and comfortable is another important factor in up levelling your practice. The more relaxed you are, the lower your resistance will be; lessening any distractions or feeling 'blocked' from connecting or experiencing the sutble transmissions from Highest Guidance.

8. Honour Your Process

When you honour and respect your process, the space you work from (internally and externally) and the intentions behind the rituals you create, you allow yourself to be fully present and consciously aware of your process as it gently unfolds. This is how you achieve a strong and integrated line of communication with Highest Guidance.

So by paying gentle attention to the subtle ideas, thought and physical sensations, you will feel as though you are in the flow rather than missing important signs and messages.

9. Grounding and Anchoring Your Energy

When working with energy, this is most important. The Earthly plane is our embodied presence and the higher, heavenly realms are what raise our perspective and connect us to our higher wisdom and guidance. An imbalance can occur when not applying these two processes, we become ungrounded and can become extrinsically focused, diluting our own vibrational frequency and connection to Self.

My Final Tip:

Remove all expectation, and the need to label and know everything straight away. I have received information that has unfolded a year or even two years later. The Divine work differently and there is never any rush. My approach of daily practice of alignment, attunement and staying clear and open (without letting my mind leap into interfere) has served me well. And my journey remains smooth, flowing and pure because of my devotion and implementation of these principles.


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