Why Cultivate Wholeness?

When cultivating wholeness, the focus is to harmonise the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Being.

Soon after my Awakening in 2017, I quickly came to understand the principle of Wholeness as an energetic and symbiotic potential that nurtures all states of living and Being inclusively.

In this article, I have chosen to illuminate Wholeness as an integral part of well-being. When we can develop an awareness of Self as well as the world around us, we achieve balance and are able to influence our own highest potential on all levels.

Wholeness is an integration of our higher aspects, perspective and our truth. An embodiment of consciousness, which sees all sides of a matter from a place of neutrality, and gently invites us to take responsibility of our inner programming. Wholeness activates our ability to change our forward momentum by exploring the motivation behind every choice we make and the behaviours we default to at partiucular times.

When tethered to consciousness, as Wholeness, we nurture fulfillment and are able to give from a place of pure, unconditional love and intention. Without this connection, we remain searching endlessly for answers and solutions. We become extrinisc and therefore unsteady in nature.

The key objective in achieiving Wholeness is to live harmoniously and align with the highest potential of All. We do this by first identifying the untruths within our programming and amplifying them. Then, once we have cleared and processed, we are able to shed what non longer serves and recreate the space for new infrastructure that will support the highest potential and capacity for perfect well-being.

 When we can surrender to our own capacity to feel, we become aware of energy and it's natural state which is movement. When we connect with our emotions - we access whole of who we are. We feel the flow of energy expansion and contraction. A law of physics is that energy cannot be destroyed or eliminated, it can only keep changing in mass, frequency and structure. Water, ice and steam are a perfect example of this.

When we can also know and trust the constancy of the Universe, which we become attuned to by finding stillness, we activate depth in our knowing of the eternal nature of our Being. Of God.

As Humans, we all have access to these gifts. It is in the awareness and embodying of Consciousness that anchors and integrates Wholeness - our reason to exist and the conditions in which we chose to do so.


What can I do today to get started?


The simplest way to cultivate Wholeness is to come back to your heart.
Give your mind a break, take some nice, deep gentle breaths and relax. Drink lots of water to support your cells. Take time in nature and connect. Learn to find stillness and attune to your body and heart. Take a higher perspective. See the good in others and love them anyway. And become wildly responsibly for the life and health you are creating through your words, thoughts and actions towards yourself and others.

With so much uncertainty going on in our world, it pays to see the beauty and find joy as much as we can. Come back to your truth and focus on your blessings. Know that all is well.







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