Contrast: A Powerful Tool For Your Transformation

It can be a natural response to first view illness, hardship, divorce, fading friendships, closing a business and other challenges as personal failure. Or to feel as though life has something against you. But have you ever considered contrast as a powerful tool for your own transformation?

I’m here to inspire you to think differently about Contrast.

Darkness cannot stifle light. Light ALWAYS prevails. And when we are in the thick of it - feeling as though we are breaking open as things begin to veer off track - we tend to forget that we are being gifted this time to surrender and turn inward. A time to slow the momentum of unwanted and self-inquire into what is active within you. To discern what no longer serves and reflect on the potential outcomes that are hiding in the rubble. A time to come back to your truth. What your life really means to you.

When things are off balance, the Universe has an uncanny way to evoke chaos in order to bring all back into harmony. And that is always in the highest good of All. Without question. These disruptions create space that the Universe will then fill with the things that you truly want and  that are meant for you. So don’t be afraid to feel raw and vulnerable while this process of re-awakening is underway.
The crumbling of all that we have built in life during a time of misalignment is necessary, and as we re-train our ego to focus on our success and forward motion rather than our defeat. The eternal and lov loving forces of the Divine can begin to flow through us; igniting our own authentic light for us to shine into the world.

When we can align to our rightful state of wholeness and come back to our heart and what feels true, we allow ourselves to open and receive the very best versions of all that we have been asking for.


Whether you believe or not, many of us made an agreement to be here in this time and place on Earth.

Every challenge in this life or from previous times, have served us by evoking resilience, intuition and clarity. The intricate carvings of wisdom and knowledge from all we have known are etched into our Soul. If we can find comfort in embracing contrast and learn to search out the components of 'good' in any experience, we will have creative and masterful control over the magnificent Beings we will become in the future.

We have chosen to come forward to Lead in the new ways that are coming. And as the consciousness of the planet continues to rise, so will we as we find our own unique ways to integrate all we have known with all that is coming.

One of the most powerful ways to begin viewing contrast in a more positive light is to keep noting the blessings that arrive to you, and spend time each day writing about all that you are thankful for. This not only reduces the cortisol levels in your body (generated by stress) but also restructures the cellular infrastructure to be able to regulate, stabilise and feel clear forward to set intentions of the life you are wanting to lead.

Ignore the resistance when it comes time to following your bliss.

Feel out the good in every situation. Make time to sit in silence and listen to the sound advice and gentle guidance that comes from within. And soon any negativity or struggle you face will have less impact, and as your vibrational frequency rises, you will start to attract all that makes your heart sing into your life.The perfect people, events and opportunities will begin to arrive to you and everything will fall into place. I'm not kidding.

Give yourself permission to choose Love over fear. Every time. This is the time to own and re-write your story and step into your power to create all that you want in this life.



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